A selection of essays* written independently and for publications 

* the word ‘essay’ is used here to reflect the notion of trying through writing


Blackberry Jam (to be released) – Fortified Journal         - in print - 

The Night is Hot, She’s Rising - published in FDBNHLLLTTFNOCTURNAL by Sticky Fingers Publishing   - in print -

Fortified Gazette – A Week in Food


Designer as Writer – editors note for independent publication with Anya Landolt             - in print -

Monthly Food Column -  published in print by Sticky Fingers Publishing            - in print -
                                         Iced Chocolate Milkshake
And You Made Me Dinner

                                          Banana Bread

Jam and Hey, You - a bad poem

Affinities - a writing workshop with Brian Dillon

Araf Means Slow - in collaboration with The Pitt Rivers Museum archive

Hot Dogs Mean Good Things Are Happening – published on Museum of Restaurants

How To Catch A Dance – with thanks to DV8 for research assistance

Eggy Bread – published on Museum of Restaurants

Export Radio 24hr Work-in-Progress Show     or    Erratic Notes on a Twitching Animal – made during and after published on Content Free

Mango: The King of Fruits – Pakistan 

Mango: The King of Fruit Part Two: The Encyclopedia of Food

The End Shouldn’t Be Hiding; an interview with Simon Stephens  work in progress

A Composite Interview with You, Nina Leger

Two Pixels Discuss Magic; an interview with Margot Wilson 


It’s Not About Breakfast but About Being Hopeful – featured in The Pluralist

A Dolven Test with Banana Yoshimoto’s Kitchen

On Tight Grip & Sparks by Coldplay


Crying Into A Panettone

On Flesh – featured in The Paper, Good Press & Sunday’s Print

Fäviken: Another Place That Was

Connected To Nature

Y Hanner Lle / The Half Place  – featured in The Pluralist

A Sticker from Shipai Town – featured in The Pluralist

One Year

Village Green

A Deer Story or The Motorway Makes Me Think of Being Handsome Somewhere


On Eggs

Peeling Fruit

An Aisle Story

Seed  or Pip or Stone 

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