Jam and Hey, You 

There’s a breeze

on the

in the

Invariably hot and easy trip from where you’re at to


It’s easy, the way we can have fun eating shit

Talking or not

And that melted sweat on our t shirts

Carousel feeling

Me and you

Young like we were when we knew each other only by name

That boy in the pool who popped my cherry on a canoe, by accident, 


with delicious jam dripping on the tiling and

red heat, in bed with the lights on

I want to look at you forever, your forehead

with sweat too, on my pillowcase

It’s salty, bitter, sweet, a full meal

the way it feels to have the life that I have

And I wonder sometimes what it feels like to miss a person, then I think about it and about what it means

to know that you were down the road this whole time.

What a load lifted, 

When the tractors take over, the hay in my nose

Hayfever, dazed,

You say the eyes are grey

 because  a storm, and the storm is you by the way, 

is so fast, surrounding me, taking me quickly somewhere.

Take me from the supermarket to that place we like and tell me that

I love you i love you i love you

like concrete loves rain

Relieving and, god, no

i wont talk about breathing



Not now

That’s for night -

When you’re smoking and you’re shy

And we feel silly for sleeping sitting up, looking in each others eyes like some

Silting, sand dripping, hip clicking dream

The kind you have with the doors closed

Such stamina,

Time - it just keeps going


Maybe I was sadder than I thought I was,

Because you feel different.

Make it good

Make my days good

The way we look

I didnt know I was sad

Which is lucky really, because otherwise

How would I have managed

All the times at the table, knowing you were coming along

I dont know, but you know that

I’m just at the windmill.

Come and watch it with me

The spears cut the wind

I won you

I win

I have won the most beautiful thing

And he only lives down the road

What a heavy load lifted

Like the fog hosted by summer

Thanks for coming over

Thanks for dinner

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